“There was an error on the Infinite flight servers. Try again shortly”

Hey everybody, so um today I was gonna play Infinite Flight when an error popped out. It said that ‘There was an error on the Infinite Flight Servers. Try again shortly.(error code 8)’. I tried to restart, try again, and even deleted the app and redownloaded it, but just to find the error popping up again and again. Is it just me or is it also happening to other people too?

Device: iPad Pro 12.9 5th Generation
Operating system: iOS 16.3
Here is the pic

There are some weird issues occurring right now. A lot of people are experiencing it and I’m sure staff are looking into it as we speak. I’m getting error code 7 while you’re getting error code 8, but there’s probably some connection.

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getting error code 7, idk whats up

Ok I hope its just a small issue lol haha
thanks anyway

Idk lol looks people are experiencing this other than me so yeah

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Error code 7 on my end.

Edit: Just got in, works now

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I think some are getting 7 and some are 8

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Bruh mine is not working again what is going on :/

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Stats did not register during that time either. Did 10 quick landings and they were not tracked. Just a heads up if your doing pattern work and experiencing those issues.

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Ok thanks man! :)

I am running on the iPad Pro as well same issue (code 8) there doesn’t seem to be a fix at the moment i expect it will be back online soon when the servers refresh.

I think the problem is now reported and they are currently fixing it as we speak. Mine worked once but the aircraft’s were loading so slow and crashed…
And we are back to the same situation again :/

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