There was an error during my flight.

I takeoff from KJFK airport to SBGR I scheduled flight with FPLconverter and the first Stepclimbs was from M0.80 and FL350. When he reached cruising altitude I stayed 2 minutes went to sleep because everything was ok. And I woke up and saw that he had fallen. I watched the replay v for some error in the app it was losing speed in a very strange way and causing speed punishment. I have replay and would like how to solve it.

Note: 0:35:05 that’s when I reached cruising altitude.

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Where is the replay?


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Check these out:

When flying Long Haul flight, those that are 8hrs, 10hrs, 14hrs, and longer… then you need to Step Climb. The Tutorial above should help you.

At this point, none of us knows what aircraft you were flying or what speed you were flying at, but all I’ve understood so far is that your V/S, the amount of Feet you ascend per minute is too high, when you’ve reached higher altitudes.

As you fly higher, you will lose speed, that is normal, so to compensate you also lower you V/S. You can’t be going 3500 feet per minute when you are at let’s say 29000ft (FL290). You have to lower to gain speed, even if you have your AP set. The Autopilot can’t hold on to your set speed, let’s say Mach 0.84 if you are ascending at such a high rate.

So start out at lower altitudes, then climb your way up, little by little, every few hours or so. But also your speed, we don’t know how fast you were flying, so providing us with that bit of the information would help us to help you further, and also what aircraft were you flying?

But the general basis is that when you fly heavy flights, with a lot of passengers, cargo and fuel then you will need to Step Climb. Now your plane depending on what aircraft you were flying will still pitch more or less, while some pitch more (787), and other a little less, around the average 2-3 degrees (A320-family, 777-family, etc…), so Step Climb, and set your AP to the correct speed and not having too high of a V/S when reaching higher altitudes. Gradually decrease you V/S to something like 800-1200 fpm when going above a certain altitude.

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I didn’t understand your post. Didn’t you see what happened??

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I believe the error was due to your cruising level. When you are heavy, you have to start at around FL280 then increase over time. When did you first step climb? What altitude to? And what altitude did you initially climb to prior to step climbing?

Being heavy at a high altitude can mean loss of air speed

may I also ask your weight on takeoff?

May I ask, what aircraft were you flying?

Ps, yes I know I can view the replay but I’m currently flying.

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If you see the video you will see that it is very strange. If you can help how to share the file this I appreciate.

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To share the/a replay video from infinite flight, export it to the attached link below and share it here:

Another thing to mention is that you need to export the replay to google drive and then to the attached link above. You can have a look at the reply below this for further information on exporting if you don’t know how to do so.

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Hey, I’ve viewed your replay file and I’m pretty sure you just went to high, maybe start out at 32,000 feet. To answer @Qantas094’s question, it’s a A330.

The most important point: It does not help to keep sending links or telling the OP to contact support. Also read the topic of its entirety and take the time to write a useful and helpful post. If you don’t know exactly what happened please don’t respond!

Thanks! @Murilo_Heindrich you were just to high for the starting altitude also maybe lower your speed to M0.78. Thanks!


I agree. the guy sent things without knowing what really happened. I trusted the information from FPLconverter. If I knew everything would be different. how do you settle about the punishment. Like I said I trusted the app info.

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Unfortunately there is nothing you can do and it’s just a part of learning! Maybe try to do the same flight on Casual and try different things. Then when you are back to expert you can try it there!

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do you have a link that talks about it?

Talking about what?

I was taller at first. as I relied on the information I figured it was all right but I ended up having this problem. I was wondering if there is anything that explains that I was very tall at the beginning.

Step climbing, as linked previously by myself

You probably climbed too fast. Even if 350 is not a realistic altitude AP can probably still cope with over 100% N1 (unless you are above MTOW for some reason).
Also you might have been too slow. The cruise speed of the A330 is M.81 to M.82 (differs on sources)

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