There’s something wrong

I’m controlling at St. Louis and the winds keep randomly changing starting from 130 to 000 then 110.

I believe thats just a wind change, the 000 was it resetting.

But that just made me use the wrong runways. :(

it happens u cant control the wind u will be fine :)

What are the current wind speeds?

Right now it’s 110.

130 speed or direction

Real life TAF is currently variable at 4 for the next few hours.

Metar is 110 @ 3

Oh 110 is direction and speed is 3kts my bad.

oh i wanted to know cause thats worse than a hurricane

Oh my bad again 110.

There are moderate storms working their way towards KSTL. You can expect the METAR to change.

But I also have to keep changing runways which is never fun.

3kts is basically calm winds. Even if the winds turned a full 180, you have no need to worry.

In the manual, it states that runway changes should not be needed unless winds exceed 10kts in the opposite direction.

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If the wind speed is under 10 knots, you can keep the runways you were using previously

@Kamryn beat me to it

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You’ll be fine if you land on the wrong runway. The runway can be colored red, but as long as the winds are around 5 knots or lower, you can land.

Wait I didn’t know that I waisted those runway changes.

Red runways do not = wrong runways.

Keep it real™

10kts :)

KSEA was using 7kts tailwinds today, there is a reason we didn’t switch or we would require more workload and confusion to the pilots.

Alright, ended up switching last minute at KSEA btw