there’s no action to close door manually (like 1R, 1L, 2R, 2L)

hello! i want ask about action, i’m vacum from if since i’m 2022 and i’m back here but something was diffrent in action mode. there’s no close door/open door button like 1R, 1L, 2R, 2L. is there’s an update?

You can no longer open any doors manually, they will only open if you press “PAX” and it will usually only open door 1L (and 2L depending on aircraft and gate)

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Sadly you can’t anymore

It’s a shame we can’t manually open and close doors anymore. Does anyone know why?

because we got things like the jetways that seemed to replace that functionality

To quote a previous question like this from last year’s 22.4 update tracking thread;


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