There needs to be a way to chat with training ATC

I’m constantly getting on guard warning from JFK tower while I’m flying into EWR. Or NY Center will send me an on guard warning right while I’m still in BOS airspace and it’s not like one and done. There’s gotta be a way to communicate via a chat or something it’s really annoying. Even on EXPERT, I’ll check in, wait 3 min, and nothing than check in again with approach and then silence and then I wait 5 min have gone by and they just giving other planes attention when I’m almost in Tower airspace then I have to go around. I don’t want to get reported for sending duplicate messages. Like Can there be some way. I had a missed approach like 5 times in a row on expert server because I was being ignored and almost ran out of fuel. And there’s no way to declare an emergency so if I land at lets LAX because that the closest I’ll get reported. I mean come on guys!!

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Unfortunatley its training. Plus, theres no way to make a ATC hurry up. Training is CS but with ATC. Also, this sounds like a Feature request. Which cannot be posted under General. Hope this helps.


Unfortunately it is Training Server so unlike Expert anyone can control and sometimes people don’t know how to properly do it, that’s why expert is the better way to fly because you have trained ATC.


There is…

When you are under 30 minutes (I think) of fuel remaining you can declare an emergency fuel to ATC…

I don’t remember the exact conditions tho…

You also need to have a flight time in that flight of at least 1 hour ;)

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This is a chat facility. If you run into an issue with an IFATC, please contact the controller with a DM on here. I respond to any questions or feedback given on my controlling and I’m certain other controllers will too. Thanks.

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By all means, if you have an issue with a controller, find them on here and discuss the situation. I am sure all of the IFATC’s are willing to chat about any situation or discrepancy you may have. As far as the on guarding, Expert server controllers should know well enough not to on guard unless necessary. They will be able to see your destination and whether or not it is valid to send an on guard. Does it happen by mistake sometimes? Sure it could. As far as checking in, it’s good that you check in. If the controller is not responding right away, that’s ok. It could mean they are also busy but they do see and know you’ve checked in. It may just be that you are ok with your FPL, position, etc… at that current moment. Have some patience. As far as TS controlling goes…well, that’s TS. Glad they are trying to learn but you can’t expect expert server service on the training server.


No look at my thread. This all happened on Expert server.

Seems as you were talking about training in the first part

Oh ok, it sounded like you were talking about it on TS

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