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Hey! Recently there were big events on infiniteflight community Instagram as a lot of the major IF accounts leaved, for some reasons :

  • the game is too expensive
  • it’s boring
  • Lack of features

I’m making this thread because there are somethings that I don’t understand :

  • Taxiway lights
    These are thing that are highly requested but infiniteflight didn’t react in any way to this. I don’t think it will be a challenge to code it because there is the same thing on runways! Here I don’t understand why they don’t do that?

  • Other features that RFS has
    Real flight simulator is a very good simulator and with a lot of features, liveries and I think they have multi-player in their plans! There are so much features that RFS has and not IF. With all the money infiniteflight gets, if think it would not be hard to hire one dev or two and when you see that’s its the CEO that is making aircrafts rework and other things it’s very weird! If RFS has cool features, I think it would not be very very hard to code it in infiniteflight!

That’s all for me, if you want to contact please use Instagram : Bastien_1533 😉

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Just think that RFS is a rip off IF


RFS is literally Roblox if we were talking About A minceraft rip off and it’s not just about coding Jason said I’m the taxi way lights feature topic that they’ve already added them in the airports they could Activate em with one button the problem they have is rendering some devices can’t handle it and could crash the app Not all devices are powerful enough to handle everything at once so they are working there best to work it out and get it to work also RFS Don’t update that much often unlike IF they a well organized god forum with helpful people now I don’t think RFS has that(unless they do.) but anywaysyhe point is RFS is yes a rip off there might be things you could say about RFS that IF doesn’t have but IF will always be better I bet you 10 years from now this Flight sim will look like the X plane version on Mobile 10 years ago this game was nothing and loom where it is now imagine what it could look like in 10 years from now buildings clouds imagine IF with clouds thunder!!! Contrails!!! I would wait for that!!! It’s worth waiting for!!!


The IFC is not the correct place to talk about competing simulators, the IFC is a place to discuss Infinite Flight and not a rip off verson


I’m just talking a bit of RFS VS INFINITE FLIGHT but I’m just saying that if infiniteflight does nothing its gonna be dangerous for them

Well first thing’s first, this is an Infinite Flight forum. Discussion is for Infinite Flight only. However, I will try to address your concerns.

Put simply, satellite imagery isn’t cheap. At all. One main difference between RFS and IF is that RFS just has the same scenery repeated over and over, IF has real scenery, leading to amazing views like these.
(Forgive me on the quality, this was taken pre-19.1)

Not really sure what you’re saying here. Any realistic flight sim could be classified as boring to some.

The devs are hard at work working on these features. It is not an easy task, and they want to get it right, not necessarily get it done quickly. It becomes a case of quality over speed and quantity.

Again, IF goes with quality over quantity and speed.

We have multiplayer. Here. Now. With ATC. 😎

See what I said about cost above ^

Not really sure you can say that if you’re not a dev. Things take time, and for the third and last time in this post, IF goes with quality over quantity and speed.


Taxiway lights are coming and if is NOT boring

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Most of these ideas have been said in other threads. Other flight simulators dont have the same visual quality, as ultra high definition aircraft. And these are a small team implementing major features onto a small app. Monetary wise, they do get a large income, however, this goes towards app development and betterment, it also goes towards keeping the live servers up and running.

The Infinite Flight Community is not the place to be discussing other Airline Simulators, and saying that IF dont do enough to compete with others.

I dont think you quite understand how much code actually goes into implementing something like this, although they have implemented it on RFS, it hasn’t got live servers, nor global, so they don’t have to take into effect how the taxi way lighting will effect other devices with more aircraft around.

Infinite Flight LLC have at least 10 people coding and developing the game. It includes expert Developers who know what they are doing. Saying that its only the CEO is an incorrect statement.

All in all, this is not the place to be discussing another game, and completely sideswiping the work that the IFLLC and the team do.


They’ve already added em to the airports by the airport editing team they the developers just need to Activate but it’s wit the rendering not all devices can handle everything at once so they are trying to get a fix for that


I’m aware, that Taxiway lighting is a thing. It’s not on the level of actual brightness, because of rendering issues.

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Just a lot of assumptions and not factual at all.