There is problem after the update

I have the new update but there is one problem
My grade is 5 and after the update turned to 4
RRR Heavy
Thank you for everything

An update won’t drop your grade. Either you got violations, or your landing count in the last 90days went down.

yeah i had a similar thing happen but…i wasn’t able to get on to expert server and this guys said i had to do 14 touch and goes, but i’m able to get on the expert server which is really nice.

What is preventing you from Grade 5?

Have a look at your Grade Table and see what is needed to rank up.

Nothing from what you said happened
See the picture

In the picture you provided your Landings (90 days) is below 200. In this case, do 1 landing to bring it back up to 200. Your Violations/Landing (12 months) is orange even though they are the same which is strange, but do one landing and I think you’re good to go!

Same. I got downgraded from 4 to 2. It’s so annoying!