There is no way to tailstrike on landing and takeoff using the A380 in Infinite Flight

You can Tailstrike it because if you takeoff at the minimum speed for an A380 takeoff it will airstrike.

Mr. Bulba…good to hear from you again and especially your vast repository of aviation knowledge …btw …l believe you disappeared for some reason before we could proceed with our last tourney …after you finish your castle duties …maybe we can setup another duel soon…you might even consider advancing it to your priorities list…well …l shall be waiting for your response…

It’s an impossible challenge

In infinite flight you can’t tailstrike the a380 even at a minimum speed on takeoff.

Nope he’s dragging the right wing on the runway not the tail.

As I always tell…

Reworked physics would make this possible…

Ikr who doesn’t want a reworked a380, it would have made this challenge possible.

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It is possible now though. You must be doing something wrong if you can’t.

Where is the screen shot of you tail striking the a380? It sounds easy but it’s impossible to do, you just can scrap that tail on the ground.

Mr. @Andrew_Anane I have tested your theory and your theory is correct. It is hard to tailstrike the A380.

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Yay! At least one persons believes me now.


And now it seems like that theory is broken because it seems like you can tailstrike the a380.

Absolutely right.

That’s the closest to tail striking the a380 I’ve seen but it is still not a tailstike, the view makes it look like it is but it ain’t, zoom in next time close to the tail 😉.

Pretty sure that’s a tailstrike. ✌️

Nah, your speed is even at 136 knots!

You nailed it wow you did an impossible challenge, Here’s your winner guys @S_Olejniczak!!! You get nothing though 😂😂😂

Yay! Lol. 😂

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