There is no way to tailstrike on landing and takeoff using the A380 in Infinite Flight

If you do post your screen shot!


I’m pretty sure there’s a way to tail strike with every aircraft in the sim…


It is possible to tailstrike any aircraft.


Have you tried it?

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Go ahead and try it on A380

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A tailstrike test is mandatory for any commercial aircraft’s airworthiness certificate. It’s possible


Here is a picture of a real life A380 tailstrike.


Well, can’t say it was easy, because that was extremely hard, but there is a way to tail strike on a takeoff in Infinite Flight with the A380


Oh my God I wasn’t saying real life I meant in Infinite flight.

Not with the taildraggers.


That ain’t tailstrike that’s called wing strike 😁

I mean you can’t tail strike an a380 in Infinite flight not in real life, I suppose I should make the title a little bit clearer.

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Almost, not easy though

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Pretty sure its a tail strike :)

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A tailstrike that seems to come routinely indicates to me that…either the descending angle of attack is too steep or else that the landing speed is too high…for an A380 …you should be able to comfortably land between 150 and 170 kts…depending again on it’s relationship to your final attack angle…as with everything else…practice makes perfect…

You can Tailstrike it because if you takeoff at the minimum speed for an A380 takeoff it will airstrike.

Mr. Bulba…good to hear from you again and especially your vast repository of aviation knowledge …btw …l believe you disappeared for some reason before we could proceed with our last tourney …after you finish your castle duties …maybe we can setup another duel soon…you might even consider advancing it to your priorities list…well …l shall be waiting for your response…

It’s an impossible challenge

In infinite flight you can’t tailstrike the a380 even at a minimum speed on takeoff.

Nope he’s dragging the right wing on the runway not the tail.