There is help in this case

I heard the noise of turbines today and went to see what it was.
It was my daughter driving the A319 that I left at the gate, the problem is that it was not in the Casual but in the Expert.
She crossed the lane and fell I was punished never had that kind of punishment.
Is there any help in this case?
I’m really annoyed because yesterday I finally got back to grid 5 and today this.
I’ve never really gone down what happens, how long does it take to help me?

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Do you have enough Xp, landings, flight time etc. For grade 5?

I did not understand is a question?
I’m grade 5

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Just wait a week and you’ll be at grade 5. I’m sure you’ll be fine not having grade 5 written in your grade table for a week.

In that case, just wait for the violation to go down and it should automatically take you back up to grade 5 once you have 0 violations

I’m annoyed with my daughter because now I can not even go back to the Expert I’ve never been punished like this.

This isn’t what you should be annoyed at your daughter for…

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Are you kidding?
I am VA I am fulfilling all the rules and this thing comes.

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Did you have your engines on? If not then don’t be annoyed because that’s one smart daughter of yours

You do not understand she did everything :) She’s no fool.

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**We know you are understandably annoyed, but these won’t be removed as it is the users fault. You are the one who failed to keep your daughter of your device. You will get your grade back in 1 week, there is nothing we can do.
Violations are only removed if it was an error caused by the game. Sorry :/

Honestly I can’t believe this is a topic. Just wait a day and youll be back on expert. Wait a week and you’ll be back to grade 5. If you’re gettig annoyed at your daughter over this I don’t even know what to say to you.


That’s good that you have a daughter that knows all of that! Hope to see you in expert server soon!

you’re saying she did it on purpose?! If so you deserve it lol don’t leave your device like that

I was just at the gate leaves and I heard the noise, she went straight

That’s… that’s smart. There’s no need to be annoyed at her, it’s just a game. Just wait a week and you’ll be back to Grade 5.


People she wears on casual with me ok.
I think he thought he was there.

1 week for this case?
But will not it have to go up again?

It will go back up on its own. The violations will disappear from your 7 days log after 7 days. The violations will still be there permanently, though.

But when you get punished like this is it still a week? I thought it would take longer, as said never happened to drop so much and fast.