There is Always More 2 Love @KPDX 10/11/19

There is Always More 2 Love @KPDX

So I decided to go to KPDX to spot, as I do most weekends. Here are a “few” of said shots.

By the time I looked up, this thing was pretty much gone. However, I still managed to get a decent shot of M2L or More to Love.

Reg: N493AS
Aircraft: Boeing 737-990

Let the free bags fly.

Reg: N202WN
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700

Simple 737.
Reg: N214AK
Aircraft: Boeing 737-900

Delta recently started 757 service to multiple places. This is one of those 757s.
Reg: N553NW
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200

An old livery Spirit (Ew) Airlines A320 dropped by for a visit.
Reg: N637NK
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200

One of Alaska’s Airbus A320s
Reg: N839VA
Aircraft Airbus A320-200

An American 737 shoots off of the runway, off to probably DFW
Reg: N923AN
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

An old and dirty United 737 darts off.
Reg: N77295
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

The last flight of my trip was TF-ISJ. Firing out to Iceland.

Aircraft: Boeing 757-200

Well that concludes my spotting trip. Which was your favorite?

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  • None of them, they all sucked

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I hope you enjoyed, see you again. Also, leave any feedback, compliments, or livestock for me to suck their blood below.

All photos are taken by me, why would I be posting them if they were not?


Gotta love the More to Love livery! The are over 50 aircraft painted like that, and I have flown A LOT of Alaska flights, yet I have never landed on one of these beauties, yet I have landed on single livery planes quite a few times.

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Last I checked, it was only 3.

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A couple months ago there were 50+ but now I checked their website and it’s only 1. Guess they repainted them.

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Here you go 🦃


These are some great shots! The only thing is that the nose is cut off in almost all of them and it’s getting a little bit on my nerves😂. But they were all great except for that!

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That’s actually the forum. Click the picture and it pops up fully.

Oh thanks I didn’t know that! The pictures are 100 out of 10, amazing! 💯

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Looks like she hasn’t been to the paint shop in a while! Nice shots!


I know, the aircraft is ancient.


Hey mate, curious what camera you use for these shots? They’re beautiful.

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I use a Canon EOS Rebel T6.

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Awesome, thanks mate.

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My pleasure.

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