There is a flight ticket website where you do not have to enter a destination?

alright, this may sound weird, but is there a website where you don’t have to enter a destination, if you don’t have inspiration for example? that you say for example “departure from schiphol” and that the cheapest destinations/flights of a particular date are shown. just like you can fill in a city on hotel websites and that then all available hotels come up, and then can filter by "price high/low, low/high, relevance etc… but of course with flights instead of hotels?

If you’re talking about Infinite Flight, has a random flight feature, where you can generate a random destination airport and a flight plan (based on the saved flight plans of other users. Hope this helps :)

Skyscanner is quite helpful. You can search etc. London to Everywhere.

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oh sorry, just saw i forgot to change the tag of this topic, i meant real life :), thanks anyway

thank you very much, it was exactly what i was looking for!

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Try to keep topics about infinite flight as this is what the forum is about, thanks!