There is a bug in Expert server


I have no idea how can I fly normally.
When I entered the server, I was falling in the undersky.

This usually happens when the scenery stream from the servers to your device becomes corrupt for some reason.

To resolve this issue, please try the following steps:

Step 1

Re-launch Infinite Flight (make sure you stop it from running in the background first)

Step 2

Before starting a new flight, go to Settings → General → Tap “Clear scenery cache” (it’s at the bottom)

Step 3

Start a flight (try on Solo first)

Note: In some rare cases, the steps above might not be enough. If that should be the case, you will have to reinstall Infinite Flight.


Hello there, it looks like you’ve fallen through the ground. You can always appeal these level 1 violations by contacting the appeals team as this is a technical issue that was beyond your control. Using this link, you’ll be put through to the appeals team who should be able to handle this case, and reverse your violation as a result.



Your violation has just been removed. To prevent this issue from happening again, refer to the steps listed above. Happy flying! :D


OK, I can fly normally. Thanks for your help and have a nice day, sir!

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