There has to be something!

I was ATC for Atlanta on Training Server today, I’m not IFATC but I told someone to taxi to 26L but instead they went off to 27R, and it upset me very much that you can just gat away with disobeying orders on Training Server

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Four words.
Welcome to Training Server.


It’s tranning server, nothing you can do unfortunately, try joining IFATC for the best ATC services.

Feel free to apply for IFATC once Recruiting reopens on the 15th! :)

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Welcome to the training server… Nothing you can do. Other then litteraly annoy him to death.

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Yes I told them like 40 times back to contact me but nothing lol, thanks for the help, but sadly I’m sunk 😞

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Unfortunately it’s the training server, so there’s not much you can do.

Edit: if you really want realistic atc, you should apply for IFATC. I’m sure it’s really hard because they’re the best of the best, but it would be worth it 😉


Unfortunately, that’s what TS is. Some take it seriously, some take advantage.

Tip: just 100% ignore trolls. It sucks, but it saves you time and stress.

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