There goes Mark!

A few friends caught pictures of me flying earlier today around town! Here they are!

First comes my friend near my apartment, had buz them!

My friend coming get me cause we were going grab lunch so there’s these two!


Nothing more iconic than @anon93248082 flying a rotor boi…uh I mean Drone…uh I mean Hel-i-copter. 😂

Glad to see you had a good time Mark! 😀


Lol thanks! I had an interesting in flight situation take place but it’s nice to fly the 22!

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There he is, postin’ ‘bout helicopters as usual… lol


Gotta love it, plus it’s fun cause there’s two helicopter pilots on here and one active one! lol


Wow that last picture is perfect! 😍

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Who is the other helicopter pilot?

It was such a great shot I’m so glad this happened!

I’ll let him comment if he sees this lol

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What did you guys have for lunch? Lol off topic 100
Good post as always

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Went and got Pho


What’s pho?

Vietnamese soup, really good! Specially on cold days lol

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OOoh, that sounds like a good treat on a cold day!

It really is! Lol I don’t get too often but when I fly I typically meet up with a friend and get it!

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