there are way too many rules that people don't know about

absolutely no idea why I just got ghosted (hawaii, expert server). In an F14 doing around 300 knots at around 20,000 feet. nowhere near any other aircraft and over the sea nowhere near any airports.

What was I doing wrong???

Who was the controller at the time?

Were you reported, or ghosted by a controller? It may be that you were doing over 550 ground speed, as that is grounds for ghosting.


You should probably read this :)


300 knts isnt that bad…

300kts IAS most likely…


If you were ghosted, this may be helpful -

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300knts KIAS might actually be more than 550knts ground speed, which means a ghosting was the correct thing to issue. Depends on the conditions thou.

I was just there, I was cruising at 300 IAS it was about 450 GS. And that was at FL240


Oh so that wasn’t the case then

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I want to point out to everyone thinking that 300KIAS equals 550+GS that 300KIAS at FL200 does not equal 550+kts GS. IN fact that number is closer to 500kts GS. Just saying.


Just do what I do, just fly to FL450 and do what you want. You can’t get ghosted for that.

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You can’t say that, since GS isn’t a fixed number. It tooootally depends on the winds, temperature etc,


@Mr_Incognito If it was a controller that ghosted you can contact @Joe who’ll lovingly assist you.

If not, it means that you were reported by users - in which case you would probably know the reason yourself.

This might be where your issue lies. If by “around” 300 you actually mean 370 it’s probably down to your speed. I’m sure you’ll get an answer either way :)