There are sunsets. Then there are SUNSETS

You need to post more shots from CO ive got family in golden and its beautiful

I do post them here and there on here on different threads.

There’s one somewhere on me on here in Telluride, Co. Eagle and Aspen, co

I will Definantly watch for them, and thank you for the info!

Anytime. Feel free to ask whatever questions you may have :)

Dont worry I’m full of them haha

Wow thats pretty awesome? I absolutely love flight deck photos. Have anymore? I don’t even care about the quality!

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Will post more as a fly more. Hahaha

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Curious you know John Freedenberg?

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Doesn’t ring a bell. He might be on the owner operator side tho.

I’m sure you got quite a few great pictures! Sounds very interesting, what you do for a living. And that sunset looks amazing.

That one is probably my favorite sunset shot out of a plane. Took it in November 2017 on an Air Canada Flight from Vancouver to Montréal. It’s my favorite because you can kinda see the “border” between darkness and light, like we were flying right in between day and night.


That is a phenomenal shot, honestly! Our planet truly is a beautiful place. That would be on my desktop right now :)


Got some to share 😁

But there’s a twist… These are from a sunrise viewed from a 77W

Beautiful nonetheless :)


Keep 'em coming. Love these


Great photos and nice plane

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Thank you and it is. Will post an interior pic soon

So as someone who is still a few years between the next three years of HS, and College how would you rate the business jet sector, worth looking at vs commercial?

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Okay, so this will be my opinion and my opinion only.

Part of the reason I wanted to be a pilot was to have the best views and fly to some unique places.

That’s said, regional airline didn’t offer that to me. I was over worked and under paid. Most of my routes were essential service routes ( ) which in my opinion are the worst routes and usually overnight there. Only the E170/175 routes are decent. Longer legs to cities I know I would enjoy having an overnight in.

With my corporate gig I don’t fly as much, but I go to some awesome places. Last rotation I went SWA to Dallas to pick up the plane - Sedona(1 night)- Los Angeles - Dallas(1night) - Monterey, Mexico(1night) - Houston - Destin, FL(2 nights) - Key West - Puerto Rico (stayed there for 4 days)- Dallas. Left the plane there and SWA back home.

So as you can see, some decent trips in there. The highlight was PR with all expense paid. Meals and hotels.

Next rotation as of now is Chicago - Belize (2 days there )

All that’s said, it’s not the perfect job. Schedule changes. One min client wants to go to Vegas, the next Jackson Hole. So packing for it is quite difficult. Especially during winter season. All that said, I still love it. Small company, a family feel. I get cards on my birthday and gifts from mgt. Those things matter to me. If I do a good job with a client I get calls about it thanking me.

That said, you can have all that at a legacy airline like AA or United flying international which is the only reason I would ever go to the airlines. If I got the 73 I would decline it. I have no interest is doing 4-5 legs from one city to the next.

Sorry for this being long lol


So that last part was a interesting to me, so would you say it might be worth the grind of the regionals to get to the legacy carriers? Because I totally agree with this first point…

Because eaven if I had to put up with a few not so good years I couldn’t imagine something better than flying something like a Dreamliner all around the word, but then again I’ve only ever peered into the industry, never actually been inside obviously…

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Yes, if legacy is your dream, I would say spend your time at the regional airline as a FO and the upgrade to CAP. Spend a few years doing that and keep applying to the legacy for your call.

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DL 717