There are now more A320 Family Aircraft than 737 Family Aircraft (Including Orders)

As of the end of October 2019, there are now more Airbus A320 Family aircraft than Boeing 737 Family Aircraft (including orders).

At the end of October 2019, Airbus reached 15,193 A320 Family aircraft with orders

On the other hand at the end of October 2019, Boeing reached 15,136 737 Family aircraft with orders


Total difference of 57 aircraft.

Airbus has definitely gained the upper-hand as a result of the ongoing 737 MAX groundings.

  • Last month Airbus secured approximately 400 A320 Family orders, 300 of them from IndiGo.
  • China Airlines’ order for 11 A321neos pushed Airbus ahead of Boeing.
  • At the end of last year, Boeing was ahead by more than 400 aircraft.
  • In terms of deliveries, Airbus is behind boeing by 1,500 aircraft in its backlog.
  • The first 737 was delivered in 1965 while the first A320 was delivered in 1988.

Nice job Airbus.


So, the most popular passenger aircraft is now the A320…



So sad. I have always loved the 737 with my dad working for Boeing and my mom for the pre-Virgin America Alaska Airlines.

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Good job airbus.




~Boeing fans


Yesss, the superior plane has finally taken over!

no hate pls #airbusgang


Well deserved! Although I like the 737 but mistakes have been made by the company so it’s no surprise that the A320 family is more popular!


#airbusgang forever!


That’s amazing to see how many aircraft get ordered! I feel like if the incidents hadn’t of happened with the Boeing 737 Max. It most likely would of continued to surpass Airbus in orders.



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Wow this is something I never thought would happen, but as an Airbus fan, I’m quite happy that Airbus made a big achievement and the A320’s outcome. #Airbusgang!

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Good job airbus! Glad to see them take the lead with the A320 đź’Ş


I think this has been said many times before, but everything is going wrong for Boeing in 2019.

Yet, it will take more than that to break my love for Boeing

If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t goin!


As much as I like the look of Boeing Aircraft over Airbus, they need to hold this L for the Max.

Hopefully they learn their lesson and comeback better as ever.

If it ain’t Airbus I ain’t goin

Doesn’t work as well but #AirbusForever

Get well soon Boeing, and good job Airbus.

No hate

Wow the 737MAX crisis is really starting to show now! But now the Airbus a320s are the most popular aircraft ever!

The Airbus A320 family may have beaten the 737 family in terms of combined deliveries and orders by a very small 57 aircraft in the scale of over 15,000 total aircraft for each manufacturer. But Airbus is still 1,500 aircraft behind Boeing when it comes to aircraft actually in existence now, as of October 2019. Airbus A320 deliveries = 9,086. Boeing 737 deliveries = 10,563. On top of that, approximately 300 737 MAX aircraft have been produced while it has been grounded. Therefore this title is slightly misleading and the 737 is still the most popular commercial aircraft.


And this is how airbus vs Boeing starts

Well no the C172 is but yeah basically in commercial use yes