There are holes in the ground at LEMD

Currently I’m trying to do a fight for my virtual airline and an unable to taxi to the runway because there are holes in the ground. I change the gates and everything but I still fall to the ground and then get violations for acrobatic maneuvers. I have a good Wi-Fi and everything I just don’t know what’s going on. I can provide videos and everything

This is a common issue that can be fixed by going to Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache. Sorry for the inconvenience!

If you are receiving violations, send your replay over to @appeals and they will reverse them for you.


@Jackson_Hawker Hey :-) are you already in install the new hot fix ?

Yes I have

The hotfix has nothing to do with this.
What @Thunderbolt mentioned is accurate and happens when the scenery stream gets corrupted.


I have cleared my cache and it’s still not working

Did you clear scenery cache in the middle of a flight? If so, you’re going to have to do it prior to starting your flight.

No I was at home page

That’s strange. Do you have a screenshot or a video of what’s going on?

Perhaps an app restart may help as well.

As Thunderbolt has mentioned above, please ensure you restart your app after clearing the scenery cache.

Please let us know if that works!

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I just deleted the app and I clean the cache multiple times and it now works I am finally in the air. Thank you

Glad the issue has been resolved for you.

Thanks for your patience. Hope you have a great day!