Therapy in the sky-Peace In The Storm-Infinite flight

This sim is neccesaary in 2020
and beyond. Why? Because if you are like me, then flight sim is therapeutic and not just a random hobby. It is pretty amazing to have a flight sim on my ipad that is more valuable to me than a therapist session could ever be. The humming sounds of the engines at cruise or the meditating sounds of the turbofans at cruise is sound therapy to my ears. Being able to see beautiful scenery at 35,000 ft without having to worry about the workings of all the extensive systems that real
pilots must is extremely helpful. Other mobile sims have better graphics but what sets infinite flight apart is its simplicity for users like me. A man who uses this app as a therapeutic tool in my recovery from some deeply traumatic experiences both physical and mental.

I love aviation. Even did a short bid in flight school before life happened. Recieved my privates pilot’s license on the old old ms flight sim 2000 hahaha. But due to life happening, It’s been 13 years since I’ve been on a flight sim, and with only an ipad pro, Infinite Flight is a godsend for someone like me.

As flight sim expo 2020 approaches, (This will be my first time attending one) I wanted to express how valuable infinite flight is to it’s TRUE community. With the realism and simplicity of this sim matched with the multiplayer experience, infinite flight is providing a therupetic service to many of it’s users. Thanks again for existing.

For anyone that is going through depression due to current events, I recommend finding things to do that are therapeutic. For me, infinite flight is therapy and I am sure it’s only going to get better with all of the authentic developers.

Fyi Being alive in 2020 can mess with your head and your heart. Do not let this current world steal your joy, your positive mind and your empathy. We are all responsible for our individual mental health. Just wanted to throw that out there. Keep the skies full ladies and gents


With going through something recently. I can 1000% attest to this is the truth it’s honestly amazing how something like this can take your mind off of your problems ☺️

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