TheOtherMatthew’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed]

This Is A Thread Where We Can Discuss My ATC Skills And How I Can Improve!

Frequency(s): Tower And Ground

I’m Trying To Work On Patterns, So Please If You Can Try And Test Me On That!

Thanks For Your Feedback,

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Hey check this out

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Editing It Now! Thanks For Your Help!

No problem happy to help! :)

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How’s It Looking Now?

Defenetly better :)

Are you there now?

On Training Server!

Ill stop by.

At VHHH? I’m there now and there’s no ATC

Do you mean UHHH

I Don’t Know What To Tell You, I’m There!

It’s Lagging Bad!

Coming by for patterns, unless you lag out. :)

I Think I’m Good Now

ok ill come :)

I’ll Be Open For 30 Mins!

I Just Lagged Out!

Yeah, noticed :) Can you get a better connection some other time? This will be difficult for you to manage.

Yea Sorry Guys, I’ll Come Back Later I Lagged Out Again! Sorry!