TheOrxy - TFFR/LFPG Air Caraibes A350

After a long break, and the A350 is out. I thougt it was time to come back for a long haul flight. ✈️

TFFR - LFPG. Air Caraibes A350-900. Flight Time: 7 Hours. Server: Training Server.

Infinite Flight, thank for the A350-900. This is the best thing in December ❤️

Hope you like the Pictures, please give feed back ☺️


Great shots, simply love the A350! Are that snow capped mountains at TFFR (or am I seeing it wrong?)

Thanks @JulianB ✈️✈️

The A350 is just a beautiful plane, and yes your right, thats is snow 😄

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Cool! Didn’t know there was snow at TFFR!

@JulianB now i have been looking at maps and so on. Maybe its just clouds from the mountains, that looks like snow 😅


That might well be. Fantastic shots nonetheless!

Nice pics ! Great job.
Hope to se you in TFFF next time ;)

I wanted to do that route tomorrow :)
Maybe you want to join?

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Uh sorry mate, i can’t. Returning to work tomorrow. But if you want, we can do a flight on friday 🎅🏼

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second one is stunning sunrise or sunset whatever that is.

Oh and btw, they operate that route to Paris Orly not Charles de Gaulle🤷‍♂️
Sorry for being the realism cop

Haha your right, i went on Flight Radar after the flight and saw it was Orly 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

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