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Just a quick question. If there is a plane which was designed and developed, but was never actually built, can it be scripted into the simulator?

I am talking about the Lockheed VLST (Very Large Sub-sonic Transport), which was a theoretical concept developed by Lockheed Martin back in 2005. It was designed to address two separate markets with one plane, the military and airlines. The C-5 fleet was (and still is) getting older and the military was looking for a possible replacement at this time.

Airbus had just come out with their first A380, and airlines were looking for other suber-jumbo options.

Lockheed had a response, which was turned into a 30-page paper titled “The Future of Very Large Subsonic Transport Systems”. The paper is currently in the custody of NASA and available online:

The plane was designed to be 50% larger than the C-5 and had a range of 8,000-10,00 miles. Here’s an article which talks about the plane further!


From my opinion, they do not usually do aircraft that is not made or no longer produced and not in service, which I think is why the space shuttle was removed but thats only my opinion. Would be cool though!


I thought the shuttle was removed because it was unrealistic? From what I understand, the space shuttle was originally added to the game as a marketing gimmick in the early days of Infinite Flight, with the intention always being that it would be removed at some point as Infinite Flight grew.

Maybe that too, I do not really exactly know though.

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Fair enough! I don’t know for sure either! That’s just my theory.

Going back to the VLST, wouldn’t it be so cool to have this plane in the sim! Below, I have two different concept airframes for the plane.



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the shuttle was removed because i believe some of its under the hood functions were becoming more troublesome than worth, so like the real shuttle, it got the axe

There’s also better sims for landing the shuttle than IF had, and IF definitely doesn’t seem to be getting the public IF any rockets anytime soon


Hey! An actual answer! Thanks Aidan!

I still think the shuttle probably would have eventually been removed. Since IF doesn’t have any actual space flight mechanics, it would make sense that it would have been removed even if there weren’t issues with it.

it could also have eventually been removed because of it being outdated and not matching what we see IF as today to have a separate solo mission

also the whole not having many variants and individual sound packs either, to save on bandwidth

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That too! I actually forgot about how IF used to have those mission thingys

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yup, and the whole missions just don’t really match the online global thing IF is running today

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