Theoretical Question about Tui

As we know, Tui is a growing airline. I’ve been wondering. If it ever did happen. Not saying it will. What would your initial reaction to Tui buying a 777?


I don’t think they’re will. They like their 787s, they’re not as big in size, nice and quiet canon, and very good fuel efficiency. Also, there home airport has a small runway

I understand that. Hence why I asked if they did. What would be your initial reaction

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i really doubt it, you would prob have a better chance of Easyjet buying a 777x then Tui buying a 777

bit of a shock if they did cause the 777 would start to push them into the cost bracket of BA and other major airlines and at the moment their just cruising at the point most people want

Love this answer. I guess life is unpredictable. It’s highly unlikely but never say never XD

but honestly the livery would be absolutely amazing on the 777

I share American321’s perspective, and I believe that opting for the purchase of a 777 might not be the wisest decision. Acquiring a 777-200 or 777-300 would mean investing in relatively older aircraft, which could pose potential maintenance and efficiency challenges. On the other hand, going for the 777x, a newer and more advanced version, would require some waiting time. (At this point, it might not even be delivered)

that would be interesting… cause’ its a low cost airline, right? so same with beanboi

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I’d be shocked because they wasted money, when they get get a better value out of a a cheaper plane, the 787.

In all honesty, I think Tui is passed the point of a low cost carrier, 90% of low cost carriers use 1 type of plane to keep costs down. Ryanair 737 Easyjet A32* Southwest 737. Having only 1 type of aircraft helps keep tickets “affordable” same as renting remote gates. I would class it as more of the mid tier range, especially since they have 787s, 757s, and even in the past had a contract with Corsair to operate a 747… so as I said…
Never say never

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