Theme for the 777-300ER

Not so good at height Beautifully unstable Actually so pretty, will it be modified in the game?

You say that you are too high, so what is your altitude that you mention? Also, what is your speed, flaps, and trim?

It will be modified, but if you are using the wrong settings, we can fix it in the short term.

Height 37,000 thousand feet
Speed ​​85.M0

You may be too high for your weight, I’d recommend stepclimbing. You can find the tutorial below :)

A Guide to Step Climbing

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No man, it’s my plane, I’m a co-pilot

Alright, need some clarification now. What’s the exact issue you are describing?

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I hope that it will be modified, it will fall, I tried to control it, but it did not work, because it is indeed a virtue

I’m trying to help you, the tutorial above should help your situation a tiny bit.

A rework will come in the future, though.


I’m very confused

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