TheKnP_KK's Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A - PASSED WRITTEN

You have to download it first!


Yeah, I did. And yes, I sequenced him


Ah, ok he told me you didn’t one of the times :)


Did you apply for a trainer?


Not yet, I’m gonna do it tomorrow because here, in Europe, it’s quite late. Good night to you

Ah 🤦‍♂️ Good night!



I’m open until 2020-05-09T09:30:00Z

Ok, im general was a good session, little mistakes:

  • You have all the time to clear us a little early, there were no traffic un the pattern.
  • Take caution with the minimum separation, it is 3nm and 1000ft, when I was on final the correct command to N761AT was Go Around.
  • To late runway exit, it comes to me when i was on the exit and at 22 kts, recommended runway exit speed is 60-70 kts.
  • No Go Around to N761AT when i was on the runway.

Continue working hard, continue seeing #tutorials and reading the manual.

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Hi, thank you for the feedback, for the exit runway command, I wasn’t sure if you were making a stop & go or a full stop since you didn’t told me. Otherwise, yes, I should’ve told N761AT to go around. And, when do I have to clear you when there isn’t much traffic?

Try to do it in late crosswind/early downwind, that a perfect moment, or just on crosswind 👌

And remember that a cleared for the option is for

  • Full stop
  • Touch and Go
  • Low pass
  • Stop and go.
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No, I did express myself badly, it is not for that, it covers that

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Hi, I was N761AT and in general it was a good session.

A few comments:

  • Your airport awareness was good, spotting me taxiing through grass and also telling me to taxi as I wasn’t in a position to pushback.
  • Some clearances were a bit late, with very few aircraft in the pattern, you don’t need to wait too long to clear.
  • You spotted my report after clearance.
  • You missed my go around when A-LOPEZ.

A few small mistakes, keep training and you’ll sort them out in no time!


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Yeah, so, when someone doesn’t say if he/she wants to do a full stop and roll on the runway at around 30 kts, I should even give him/her a exit runway command?

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Yeah - if they seem to be slowing down to landing, use your best judgement to make an estimated guess.

However, I did report that I was on final, full stop, so in this situation there was no need to guess.

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Okay, thanks for the advice!

No problem

But remember that the exit command is given at 60-70 kts 😁

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Yes! The clearances were on point and my runway change request was handled very smoothly… After that my runway exit command was also on point ;) Even though you cleared for option, after receiving “full stop” I would’ve cleared for landing so if this was a busy airspace, I would know for sure that aircraft is going to land and exit the runway :)

Overall pretty good… I see you improved a lot I’ve read through your thread :P

Good day!

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Thanks for coming!


See you next time