TheKnP_KK’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi everyone, I want to make a ATC Tracking Thread because of my failed IFATC exams (A lot of people told me to do it after this post)

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Thanks for being there!

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unfortunately, i couldn’t be trained on sequencing but thanks for being there!

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Thanks for the ATC, shame we didn’t get a little more traffic but it comes and goes like that

Would you like feedback here or via PM? Overall a good effort, don’t give up and it will all come together i’m sure

Callsign: CO99

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I prefer you feedback here. And thanks

Ok, here you go…

  • Ground control all good

  • You gave a good pattern entry and clearance option for my runway change request

  • Good use of the exit runway left and hold short instruction to allow for a departure on 04L

  • Don’t be afraid to clear an aircraft for the option earlier, don’t leave it until an aircraft is on base or final. Its best to sequence and/or clear an aircraft earlier so they know who to follow and then clear them

  • If an aircraft is remaining on the same runway for pattern work you don’t need to issue a ‘make left/right traffic ‘ each time they perform a touch & go, just Clear them for the Option

Hope that helps!

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Okay, thanks! I’ll do better next time


I closed cuz there were nobody


There wasn’t any people

I’m tracking your ATC thread but I haven’t had time to fly when you’ve been active. Keep posting and try to stick to training even if it means imagining bizarre scenarios that could arise as a controller while waiting for someone to pop up. Keep at it and good luck.

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Yeah, I always wait for people but after one hour, I had to do other things so I closed the ATC. There are often people when I control around 2200Z-0000Z


Thanks for being there!

Yes! I’ll come.

Alright, I saw a couple of wrong things. (I was CG-004)

First of all, I’m sorry for my bad flying skills. I don’t know what happened there.

  • You told that other plane in the pattern to “Maintain slowest practical speed”
    This is really not necessary because when you are sequencing someone it’s their responsibilty to maintain seperation.

  • You need to clear me faster, that’s why I announced my position. Try to clear someone when he is on downwind or even crosswind.

  • You told that plane in the pattern to “Turn base”, this isn’t needed since you sequenced me behind him so I need to keep separation. Trust your pilots.

  • You also told a departing plane to maintain heading until at or above 3000 feet. In my opinion, this was unnecessary because there wasn’t a lot of traffic.

  • You gave a transition altitude way too high (4000 feet), You need to give a transition altitude around: Airport Level + 2500’. In this case it would be around 3000 feet.

I have a really bad memory, so if I said something wrong, apologies… and please, say it to me.

Try to work on these remarks, and you’ll get there in no time!

Have a good day!

Yeah, I did that because there was a plane on the runway and I told him « I’ll call your base » because I know he was going to turn base quickly and, i don’t know why, he made a 360.

You’re right, I didn’t know if I had to sequence AND clear to land/ for the option.

Otherwise, you’re right for the other mistakes. I should train in these things. Thanks for being there :)

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In this case, you should give him an “extend downwind” - command.

And yes, you need to sequence and land.

A sequence is given to the pilot to know who to follow.

When do I have to use the « I’ll call your base » command?

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Normally, you shouldn’t use that command. I think it’s only in really rare cases that you’re using it, but I don’t know which ones.

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Okay, thanks for the information. I’ll always use this command

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