TheFlyingPancake’s ATC Tracking Thread || (NOW CLOSED)

Welcome Everyone!

So I decided that I would open an ATC tracking thread for my controlling sessions. So, basically, whenever I’m controlling on Training Server I will change the title to Open from Closed and will leave below:

  • Airport
  • Time from Open to Closed

I would appreciate constructive feedback If necessary! ALSO: If you wish to talk to me about feedback or anything else please PM it. That way the thread looks tidy and pretty 😉😊 -Cheers

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Let the fun begin!


Sunday 12 Nov - YBHM Hamilton I’ Now Closed

  • Open for 20 mins (0411-0433Z)
  • Airport: YBHM (Hamilton I’)
  • Session: Global Training Server


YBHM 120220Z AUTO 11026KT 9999 // SCT033 26/19 QNH1015

Attention: Thankyou to those who attended! YBHM is now closed…



Saturday 16 December - YPJT Jandakot Now Closed

  • Open for 30 mins (750Z-820Z)
  • Airport: YPJT (Jandakot Airport) (Tower & Ground)
  • Session: Global Training Server

NOTAM: Aircraft Restriction: Cessna 172, Cessna 208, Cessna Citation, Cirrus SR22, Supermarine Spitfire, American Champion Decathlon. ONLY!

METAR:YPJT: 160600Z AUTO 24019KT 9999 // NCD 24/14 QNH1006 RF00.0/000.0

(Attention: Thankyou to those who attended!


I’m heading down now!

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Feel free to do patterns! Only aircraft listed in the NOTAM!

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damn just departed OMDB, would have love to come and do some pattern work instead

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Good work! Do you want feedback here or in a PM?

Closed now sorry mate

PM i have feedback for you as well

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What type of Airport should I control next?

  • International
  • Regional Airfield

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Closed after 10 votes
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Tuesday 19 December - YBMK Mackay Now Closed

  • Open for 20 mins (2333-2353)
  • Airport: YBMK (Mackay Airport)
  • Session: Global Training Server

NOTAM: Aircraft Restriction: Biggest Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A320-200

METAR:YBMK: 182300Z AUTO 09009KT 9999 // SCT028 29/21 QNH1012

Attention Thankyou to those who attended!

Sorry for the incorrect taxi. Was a little confused. Also using my phone instead of joystick like normal.

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All good also next time don’t turn final until told. I only said base not final. And back taxi don’t use the vehicle lane. Cheers

Also just then I said cleared for takeoff and you back taxied a Cessna is more than capable of taking off in that distance.

Anyhow thank you for coming

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Yeah, that’s where I was confused. When you said taxi, I was facing that way (toward the vehicle lane), so I was confused. Didn’t see the taxiway further up. Sorry for any issues.

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And when you cleared me, I thought it was because you were closing soon, not because I was back taxiing.

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Reviving… will plan on doing some more atc very soon!

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