TheFlyingGuy1’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Yes I’m trying to get better so I can be IFATC soon

@HadenJohnson hey sorry about the wrong message I I said on ATC. I’m in the car and I hit the wrong button

KCNO is closed

No problem.

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Theres also a disregard last message in misc I beleive

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KSNA is open!

What happened? I showed up and you closed and didn’t respond to my request

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I WiFi went down

For some reason it said I was still on

Let me load in again since my WiFi is back up

Back online. Sorry to everyone who joined

Ksna will close in 5 minutes

KSNA is closed

I always do that on pushback, do people usually taxi with one engine?

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CYTZ will open in 5 minutes

CYTZ is open. Max aircraft size Dash 8

Feedback is greatly appreciated


Opa Locka is open. KOPF

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Feedback is greatly appreciated