TheFlyingGuy1’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Welcome to @TheFlyingGuy1’s ATC Tracking Thread.

  • Departing aircraft please have flight plan filed before you contact ATC unless remaining in the pattern.
  • Only use remaining in the pattern for touch and goes.
  • Server: Training

I will be open for ground and tower at Toronto CYYZ. Feedback is greatly appreciated

Hey, I will be opening soon, I’ll come by and do some pattern work. Would you be able to come by for my session in a bit?

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Yea I’ll try to come

Sad, my subscription ended 2 mins ago oml

Wow lol. I will close in 10 minutes everyone

CYYZ is now closed


I was American 0 (was too lazy to change to a GA call).

Overall, I had a nice time, aside my landings (that was because my iPad calibration is not very good).

There are a few things I saw in particular that need work.

  1. Landing clearances. You should be clearing me early downwind, not as I am approaching base/final.

  2. Pattern work clearances only need to be sent once, after the original call from the aircraft is made (takeoff or approach) OR when switching runways. You do not need to tell me “Cleared for the option, RW 15L, make left traffic,” it is already assumed, unless I am changing runways or you are sending me into a different pattern.

  3. I purposely requested a runway change at the last moment, which you seemed to handle well. Good job on that.

  4. Exit commands should be given once the aircraft reaches below 60kts. I did not receive one when I landed.

  5. Taxi instructions. I am not quite sure about those, as that is a new feature. Some people (such as myself) use the FAA charts, and typically do not need to be vectored on the ground. I usually use the commands if I need to get people around a plane that is moving slowly or stopped in the taxiway for no reason.

Those are the things I can remember off the top of my head. Otherwise good work, keep it up.

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Ok thanks. It was my first time

KONT will be open in 5 minutes!

KONT is now open

Feedback positive or negative is appreciated

IF just crashed. Re opening right now

Standby. It says I’m still active for some reason

All good again!

KONT is closed

My parents said I had to go to bed so I had to go

KCNO will be open in 5 minutes. KCNO is a nice airport that I fly in and out of. It is a mostly GA airport. The largest plane there would be the Cessna Citation X. It’s a great airport to do patterns and fly out of.

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KCNO is open

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Thanks for the progressive taxi.

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