TheCoolPilot - Shots from a few recent sessions

Hey guys!

I’ve been quite inactive over the past few months but have been doing quite a lot of spotting! Here are some of my favorite shots from my last few spotting sessions, hope you enjoy them!

Check out my Instagram for more shots!

Qantas 737 Special livery (Mendoowoorji)

Air NZ A320 rotating (pretty happy with the panning effect on this one)

Air New Zealand ATR-72 departing in some beautiful light

Virgin Australia 737 touching down (


A Jetstar A320 during it’s evening arrival to NZWN


A RNZAF Seasprite at the Wings Over Wairarapa airshow

Sounds air C208 climbing out of runway 16

What was your favorite picture?

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As always, feel free to share any feedback, advice or comments!


These are all amazing! Great shots.

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Did they just fall asleep on there keyboard when they came up with this? 😂


Thank you so much! Glad you liked them!

xD If I’m not wrong it was named and designed by an aboriginal painter but it sure is a confusing name for a livery!


Been a while since I’ve seen you around… great photos, bud! That Seasprite is pretty neat.

It sure has, life’s busy! Glad you like the shots!

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OI I wish I had an airport near me to go spotting. But otherwise good photos.

Maybe take a trip to a nearby airport to do some spotting? Thanks for the compliment!

nice pictures, I loved it

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Thanks! (:

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