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Hi everyone,

I will be active at Hamburg for the next hours for Ground & Tower practice. Would appreciate if anyone could join for a few patterns and give constructive feedback, if any.

Looking forward to seeing some great landings!





Here is a quick feedback.
Overall that was a very good session. I could only notice a few minor mistakes.

  • It might not be the best idea to instruct an aircraft to fly runway heading after takeoff if there is a mountain behind the runway
  • If an aircraft is going to depart your airspace anytime soon you can already send the "Frequency change approved" command in advance (as long as the aircraft is not interfering with any other aircraft e.g. parallel departures) In this specific case there was no need to instruct the Delta 738 to stay on your frequency
  • When using the "I'll call your base" command, you should make sure that it is really necessary because you can easily forget about an aircraft and it might also decrease the efficiency. In most cases sequencing should do the job. But that's not really a mistake but more an advise. :)

Other than that I really liked the way you controlled, the commands were given in the correct order and at the correct time. And the go around was an indicator that you are aware of what is going on at the airport.
Have a nice day and good luck for your future sessions!

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Hi Nils!

Thank you for the constructive feedback and advice! I’ll definitely take it :)

Have a nice day too, and thanks for the good luck!


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Now Open at Hamburg!

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