TheAviationGallery’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] - PRACTICAL PASSED


Hi all!

I would like to announce that I’ve successfully passed my practical test and I’m now part of the IFATC team.

I would like to thank @Alpster, @MilkTea, @peter_finn, @Drummer and @Jet_Airways_995 for coming down!


I will come down 😊

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Nice session! Here’s some feedback:

  • Line up and wait is not required for each takeoffs. My general rule of thumb is that I say hold short until aircraft ahead gets to 100kt then I clear. The only times I say LUAW is if it is in between arrival or on intersecting runways.

  • Every time you clear for the option, there is not need to indicate direction as it is assumed that an aircraft will fly the same direction each pattern. The only times you indicate direction is after a runway change or when an aircraft is first inbound.

  • Every subsequent aircraft after the first, needs a sequence. For example, SANA number 2, traffic to follow is on left downwind. That way there is not question who that aircraft needs to follow.

  • My exit runway command was really late as I was off the runway. Try to give that command when an aircraft’s speed is in between 60 and 70 knots

Really great work!


I see. Thanks for letting me know!

Alright. Noted on that!

I actually gave it late as my app started to lag, my screen was showing 60kts when I gave it.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Anyone else would like to come?

Closed for today.


Do come down for a while.


I had come with the callsign VT-JEL. Couldn’t stay for long, but here are some of my observations:

  • You could have instructed me to taxi to 7R, would have got me airborne faster.

  • After I requested runway change to 7R, I was cleared for 7L.

  • The pattern direction has to be mentioned while clearing aircraft for the option after a runway change. (After the option, make right traffic)

Everything else seemed to be good. Your sequencing was nice.

Noticed that.

I was not paying attention. My apologies!

I wanted to mention after the option make right traffic but I kinda forgot to.

Otherwise, is everything else okay?

All of these was careless mistakes on my part! Sorry about that.

Yes, everything else seemed fine. I wasn’t around to see it, but did you re-sequence Airbus 6 behind SANA after I changed runways?

I think I did.

Hi, Airbus6 here. Yes you did. Smooth and quick re-sequencing!
Good work!

Thank you, Peter!

Not sure what happened to SANA. I was #2 behind as you pointed out, but then SANA disappeared on 6nm final…

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Maybe he needed to go. I re sequenced you.

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Yea my app crashed haha

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Hi guys, just a update! I’ve passed my written test with a score of 88%!

Anyway, I will be opening up ATC at 2020-05-28T14:00:00Z to 2020-05-28T15:00:00Z

Airport: RKSS
Runways: 32R 32L

Do come on down, and give me your feedback!


Having some connectivity issues. Be right back.

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Closed! Thanks all for coming down

@Alpster, any feedback?

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Uhh, nothing to report :). If more aircraft were present it’d be better though.

Very good :). Keep it up!