TheAaron's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

Hello all! I am TheAaron, and this is the remake of my ATC Tracking Thread, since the other one was locked due to me having to depart for training in my job. I will post in this format when I am open for an Airport

Airport Name / ICAO
Runways In Use
Time Opened
Server Online
Time Closed

Airport Name / ICAO Altus AFB / KTLS
Runways In Use 17R / 17L / 17 (17 is the combat T/O and Landing Strip for C-17s)
Time Opened 0110Z
Server Online Training
Wind 120@5KTS
NOTAM Parking Slots Hot Cargo 1 / 2 / 3 are unused IRL, and North Ramp is currently closed IRL. Secondly, The way the Flight Line is set up, Pushback is not required
Time Closed 0346

Make sure to include the ICAO of the airport you’re open at in the title :)

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I am still open with no traffic if anyone is interested in flying

All Frequencies are now closed

Airport Name / ICAO Altus AFB / KLTS
Frequencies Tower and Ground
Runways In Use 35 / 35L / 35R
Time Opened 2122
Server Online Training
Wind 10@25KTS
NOTAM Hot Cargo, and North Ramp closed IRL / Runway 35 Is a Combat Landing Strip for C-17 and C-130
Time Closed 2301

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Ill come join and fly some. Callsign N46MB

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Looks like that C-130 crashed and burned

Yikes some gusts picked up my empty little q400. Anyway it seemed like you had the situation under control. NIce job

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Thanks. I dunno if G-AJDG followed you intentionally, but oh well

Coming for a few patterns!

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Bring friends if you would like! both my A/C Are Full Stop

G-AJDG here!

Yes, I did follow the Q400 just to see what you would do.


  • You asked me to extend downwind twice, in order to get space between me and the Q400. This command should be used to allow space for a departure. Since you had already sequenced me, it is my job to maintain the space to the guy in front. I ignored your second extend downwind and you made the right call to demand a go around (despite the Q400 disintegrating on the threshold!).

  • Remember to sequence! You did on the runway change but you needed to sequence after every touch and go. Sequence -> Clear.

  • You asked me to make right traffic to 35L after I requested a change from 35R. Your forward planning was good here as you had someone requesting take off on 35L. Very commendable to have that foresight.

Thank you for opening, see you again soon.


Appreciate the Feedback Ace, so for making space would I use 360 instead for spacing?
The tidbit for Sequencing, I will remember as well. Always Sequence then clear.

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Here’s a little feedback from my flight in the DC-10

I feel like the transition altitude should have been at or above 4000 rather than 3500 because of the aircraft traffic pattern. Pattern alt for GA aircraft is 1000 AAL but 1500 AAL for jets. Additionally, because there was an aircraft in the pattern I need to have the 1000 foot separation from them.
So with a field elevation of 1300 (which I would round up to 1500) + 1500 pattern alt + 1000 separation the transition altitude should be 4000.
If you gave me 3500ft because you rounded the airport elevation down to 1000 then I guess you were correct. Idk if there’s a rounding rule here.

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Hey, I was Air Force 276. Thanks for the ATC!


  • I don’t have much feedback as everything during my session was great.

  • The only thing I noticed was your transition for the DC-10. I was taught to always round up but I’m pretty sure you rounded down. (Not really a big deal)

Great job!

I didn’t see the post above. Sorry for the duplicate


As Tower, you don’t control the spacing of aircraft in the circuit. That is the pilots job so You just have to sequence them. In the scenario that I forced, there was a clear risk of the runway still being used by the Q400 as I would have touched down. You intervened by telling me to ‘go-around’ which was correct. A go around can also be initiated by the pilot.


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