TheAaron ATC Tracking Thread-CLOSED

Hello all, I am TheAaron, I have this thread to update you guys on what Airport I am controlling on the Training Server.

Current Airport: Shaw AFB KSSC
Winds: 220 @ 11kt
Runways in Use: 22L |22R
Frequencies: Tower | Ground

I was the C208 callsign GAF and I just wanted to say you did a very good job. I wanted to see how you would respond to me bugging you with unnessecary commands and you did great. Next time your online I will try and make it and throw some more curveballs at you ;)


Ill be here for a while, day off today haha

Haha. Maybe I will hop on by later. Also, if you ever want to just have me throw really big curveballs at you feel free to shoot me a message and I might be able to hop on and just give you some crazy stuff

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Closing to go get food, will be back Open soon!

Runways: 22L | 22R
Winds: 230@5kt
Freq: T&G

On my way in an a10

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Good job!! 😉


Good job. I missed that you changed me to runway 22L on my first pattern but had sound issues. Then on my second try I had crashed when something else came up, so apologies. Great job giving proper pattern entries and sequencing instructions. The only instruction I got that I didn’t understand as there was no one in the air ahead of me was the “maintain slowest practical speed.” I think you were trying to improve spacing for the landing aircraft but the extend downwind/i’ll call your base might have been a better way to do this. Knowing I was following the aircraft on final at that point was enough to know that I had to give him enough time to land/roll before I was going do my final.


I may have accidentally sent you that one, I was trying to send it to Mr F-16 that was going 600

Thanks everyone who came! Now Closed

Good work 👍

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