The Yokes in Planes

Hi everyone, I’ve played infinite flight for a few months now and this is a headache for me. When you’re flying in first person view and you’re looking at the yoke it’s as if it’s stiff, as you have seen in X-plane mobile, it’s not stiff so I’m trying to get answers here. Thanks in advance

If I understand correct; yoke does not move in cockpit view?
All aircraft?

It should move

It would not move much if you are in stable flight on AP if there’s no turbulence/winds.

Is this a yoke? jk :-)

The yoke moves in all views, if it’s not it’s due to autopilot being engaged.

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What I’m trying to get to is that it’s tight when turning left and right and not loose, pushing yoke up and down is fine

I understand your problem on the 737, I notice it too.

But it’s not a huge problem, nor does it happen on other aircraft.

You mention it’s a headache for you. Why is that?
What do you mean with “the yoke is stiff”? Are you working with external devices to control the aircraft?
Are you ok controlling the plane with just your mobile device?

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Well not stiff, you know how you can make it easier to turn left and right in real life, well that’s what I’m trying to get to

You mean the sensitivity settings?

If so, goto settings>controls and you will find you can change the sensitivity level.

It makes it a lot harder to land with the high sensitivity

Follow my steps, you can decrease sensitivity there.

I’ve done that but it does help

So decreasing sensitivity (sliding the options all the way to the left) is still too responsive!?

No, I thought you meant high

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