The yoke is locked

After the new update, when I disable the autopilot on landing, the yoke locks up, no matter what I do, I cannot affect the plane as if the hydraulic systems of the plane have exploded and it crashes.

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What? Pls show in picture or describe it briefly

Hey there, before disengaging the autopilot, have you re-calibrated your device and made sure that it is not wrongly calibrated?

OP has already given us a brief explanation of the issue at hand, and I don’t think a picture is needed to show a stuck yoke.

I had this issue before… i just fully closed the app, left it for about 5min, reopened it and then it was fine.

Im not sure if thats a reliable fix, but it works for me

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yes I have calibrated before disable auto pilot and after but still It never moved and this has happened at least 5 times.

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