The Year of Loong! | Plane Spotting with irl IF friends meetup | 06FEB24 @ZSPD

Hi guys!

On these days of Chinese New Year I’d like to show you some spotting pictures at Shanghai Pudong International Airport not so long ago! Of course, with some of my friends who plays IF too!
We decided to spot at Pudong together in this short vacation hehe x3


1. Dalian Airlines (Operated by Air China) [B-1218/B737-800]
CA8953 from Dalian

2. ANA - All Nippon Airways [JA626A/B767-300WL]
NH967 from Tokyo HND

3. ANA - All Nippon Airways [JA896A/B787-9 Dreamliner]
NH967 from Tokyo NRT

4. Korean Air [HL8208/B777-300ER]
KE897 from Seoul ICN

5. Air China [B-308C/A350-900]
CA936 from Frankfurt

6. Spring Airlines [B-8248/A320-200/Oishi Livery]
9C6136 from Changbaishan

7. Shanghai Airlines [B-20D8/B787-9]
FM9062 from Harbin

8. Qatar Airways [A7-BEX/B777-300ER]
QR870 from Doha Hamad

9. Delta Air Lines [N501DN/A350-900]
DL389 from Detroit DTW

10. Juneyao Air [B-209R/B787-9 Dreamliner/Genshin Livery]
HO1334 from Osaka KIX

11. Air China [B-5932/A330-200]
CA8572 from Harbin

Ofc the major of this pictures is my friends :P

That’s all! Thanks for your reading, and also thanks my friends for accompany! it’s really a cold day and the weather is too bad to spot outside, but I really had a wonderful spotting day at Pudong! 😎

Thanks for you guys accompany! :D

@StevenXu @BlueSky @Frank_Dongdy @Katherine_love @Zhan and other two friends who doesn’t have IFC account




Happy new year!!! Excited to have plane spotting with u and friends in next vacation😍


Hi! Make sure to add more photos👍

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he is at the photo limit which is 10 per topic

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Yeah I know it haha

Do I need to delete more photos?

no you’re fine

great photos btw

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Thanks! :D

Nice spot and photos! May I know where it is? I wish I can check out there this summer! Thanks!

Sorry I forgot where it is QAQ

That was near Jingyi road, really long walk abt 1km to get to that point🤣