The XP Reset Problem

Hello Infinite Flight Community,

Time to say that I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time and want to share with you my thoughts.

So, as some of you know, if you leave a region and get caught by a moderator or a developer, you are most likely to loose your points.

XP will be set to 0 / XP reset

There is one warning here on the community very clearly saying that you must not do this and cause multiple issues for the Flying Development Studio to deal with:

When someone leave the region, everyone will see this message, on the screen as a yellow color:


"Aircraft is outside of supported region / Cutting throttle until back to safety"

How do we know we are going to loose ower xp? How do users know they will loose their xp? Most important: How do we know we are breaking a rule and will loose our XP points? [Specially if we are new to the simulator and just want to have some fun outside regions with 0% throttle]

What I want to say is only a topic saying what we must not do isn’t enough.

How many of us would not loose their xp if the IN-APP message was:

"Flying out of the regions is against Infinite Flight Terms of Service
Your XP points may be set to 0 / Reset"

As many of you know, me and many others lost their xp. However, most of us did not know about this little In-App not clearly stated warnings at the time of the reset and before!

Infinite Flight Team could at least say sorry to us who support this really great mobile simulator with our subscriptions and give the xp back to everyone before implementing →CLEAR IN-APP WARNINGS!

To finish my topic: I know it’s too late now for discussing this and as @Joe said, this won’t be an issue in the next update but things needed to be said as they are!

Have a great day!

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You could maybe also read pinned threads?
I do agree there should be a warning stating that you will get your xp reset, like
’You have flown out of the region, enjoy being a Grade 1 again.’


Similar topics have already been made. If the decreased airspeed isn’t enough warning once you cross the border isn’t enough…


Sorry Pilot Berto and I hear your concerns but there are enough discussions and pinned topics that advise against this. Global is in the Beta Testing phase so this shouldn’t be an issue in the future.


In fact leaving a Region does have something to do with Global Flight because it causes internal issues for the Devs as said in the Live FlightCast Episode. As Chris said, Global is in Beta and shouldn’t be an issue with Global :)


This won’t be an issue in the next update.