The Xi G6 at Leeds East

Some photos I took on out visit to EGCM.

Pilot Davide LR Presets.


Great aesthetic


Wow, these are awesome!

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I’m speechless, those are amazing!

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Dug this one out, don’t think its from the same flight however.

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Very aesthetic. Well done.

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Oh. My. Goodness. Those photos are absolutley stunning! Also that livery is amazing!

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I flew into leeds east a couple of yours ago when they hosted project propeller. Fantastic little airfield

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Two words: Stunningly Incredible!

These are the best GA photos I’ve seen on the IFC, well done!
I’m going to save them and make one my wallpaper, if that’s cool with you.


Wow!! These are amazing! Love all the color and contrast. Great photos and editing!

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The photos are just so clear, incredibly done!

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