The XCub tour, Kodiak Island!

Kodiak Island Tour, with the X-Cub!

Welcome to Kodiak Island! Kodiak is a large island on the south coast of Alaska. separated from the Alaska mainland by the Shelikof Strait. Kodiak Island is mountainous and heavily forested in the north and east, but fairly treeless in the south. The island has many deep, ice-free bays that provide sheltered anchorages for boats. The southwestern two-thirds of the island, like much of the Kodiak Archipelago, is part of Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. The town of Kodiak is one of seven communities on Kodiak Island and is the island's main city. All commercial transportation between the island and the outside world goes through this city either via ferryboat or airline Other settlements include the villages of Akhiok, Old Harbor, Karluk, Larsen Bay, Port Lions and Cape Chiniak. Kodiak is also home to the largest US Coast Guard base, Coast Guard Base Kodiak, Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak, Communications Station Kodiak, and Aids to Navigation Station Kodiak. The island is also home to the Pacific Spaceport Complex!

Today's Route

Our flight takes us on expert server with the brand new X-Cub from Kodiak to Old Harbor, we have one passenger onboard! Our first stop is the beach right in front of the Pacific Spaceport Complex!

We continue our way south flying over Ugak Bay we fly through the mountains of Kodiak island as we fly at 500ft AGL to Old Harbor! We finally enter the hills after crossing the Ugak Bay and climb to about 2,00ft AGL to enjoy the view of the bay!

We then come up to Kiliuda Bay! Another bay which is enroute to Old Harbor, as we climb we enjoy the sun a crisp 52 degrees Fahrenheit (11 degrees Celsius) We once again begin climbing again to clear the hills in front of us to 2,700 AGL to avoid causing a CFIT incident

We finally began descending into Old Harbor we prep our passenger and start our final approach. Full flaps about 45 knots!


Finally we are here, welcome to Old Harbor airfield! Now it’s time kick back and enjoy the sunset!


Love where you can go in the X Cub! We should start an X Cub photo thread right here!


Ill ask if that’s ok!

Great job! Love the XCub and Alaska region!

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