The XCub maiden voyage in 10 replay screenshots

I thought it would be nice to take the long awaited little beast out for its first run and go straight into the deep end, out into the bush at a fairly challenging but scenic area - Tieton State Airport in the Wenatchee National Forest, Washington. A mountainous, hilly landscape surrounds this little grass strip and we took a little scenic tour at the same time in the yellow livery version.

We were warned it would be tricky at first and oh yes, it is. Take off, even with HDG engaged is a rudder adjustment festival and the rear seat passenger let off a yelp or two. Into the air, over and down back into the mountains and cove and a sharp right turn back down onto the grass.

What a little machine this is. Challenging, agile and very well built. It’s not something to master on the first flight - practice will make perfect.

Wise words from staff earlier about not taking this out first time into a busy airspace on the expert - perhaps take a little time and find somewhere quiet on solo or casual and have an experiment - it’s worth it. I’m looking forward to taking this on some cross country trips in the near future - that is, after more take off and landing practice. Much more.

Good times.












Does it have live cockpit

Yep! There’s RPM, altitude, airspeed, and much more.

I didn’t really explore the cockpit in too much detail, more of a quick over view but yeah there are working instruments and that big inbuilt Garmin screen.