The worst timing

I was flying into Dubai from Kansai on a Emirates A380. I had to go around once and when I finally landed the airport not displaying glitch happened. You know this glitch…

Tower was saying exit the runway please expedite, traffic on final but how am I supposed to get off the runway when my scenery is failing? I ended up coming this close to be on the taxiway to clear my scenery cache (replay mode btw):

and the speed warning came on and everything so I had to quit after my 10 hour flight.

That was annoying and funny lol


Lol… We all get stupid moments in IF, luckily I haven’t had this issue yet with 506 hours on record. I hope the flight was good anyway, I flew into around 1 hour to 15 minutes ago as FDVA002.

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Ya it was scenic until that happened…

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