The Worst IF Incident I’ve Ever Had

Hello folks, I have some disappointing news. I was doing my first extra long haul. KJFK - OMDB. I left my device on the whole day. I was coming in for approach at Dubai, when suddenly, my iPad crashed. I’m still processing what happened. Any tips on how to not make my device crash?


It’s never happened to me but here is what i can suggest

-keep graphics/video setting on LOW


Same thing happens to me. I did LHR-LAX and it crashed when I was on final


There are multiple reasons as to why your iPad crashed. As one suggested above, graphics lowered helps with reducing the possibility of a crash.

Some that I do to take precaution is sufficient airflow to your device, screen brightness lowered and aircraft count set to low.

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You can also make sure no other apps are running in the background or restart the iPad

This seems to be a growing issue in IF, where pilots have their app crash upon short final. Does this only happen on iOS devices, or has Android also seen its fair share of this issue?

Yeah you’ve been flying it for too long and that typically happens to me too but it could also be the iOS that you have or how old your device is like I have a very old battery on my phone and it over heats up like 30 min in to the game but that’s just me also make sure to check your iCloud Storage and your battery health + the device storage

It happens more often then you think

I suggest you reach out to the Infinite Flight Emotional Support Team by clicking here.


I know it’s tough but my best advice is go to find something else to distract you for a bit. Cleaning is the best for me

I don’t know but the same thing happened to me but on a different route. RJBB-OMDB. It was so annoying. I was litterly raging like a minecraft gamer at that point

Nice going ;)

I understand how you feel. Having ULH flights crashing multiple times are always annoying, but what I’ve done is set how many aircraft are visible to medium. Somehow, that works for me, but I’ve only tried it on long routes where the arrival destination is packed with aircraft and ATC. Hope this helps!

I’m lucky there was a Grammarly advert before it😂. But getting back to the subject, I recommend keeping it in charge, low screen brightness etc

There’s always a damn Grammarly advert!!

That’s true, sometimes it may be annoying but sometimes it can help you in situations like this

I was doing Sydney to Seattle the other day and it crashed I lowered my gear :(

how has no one asked what device he has yet?

I recommend turning graphic quality low and setting the view to ATC, so the terrain isn’t generating.

Often times, deleting old flight files helps the device run more smoothly

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