The worst feeling in the world

That moment when you decide to bite the bullet and do a long haul flight to a popular destination (based on airspace traffic), and you realize you flew 10 hours and 53 minutes into a super typhoon, then at the last second before touch down, a gust of wind rockets you up and then you pummel down into the ground. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrgghhhhhhhhhhh. At least we don’t lose the XP points for crashing. (Thank you Admins, LOL)


I mean if you know how to read the METARS you would’ve been expecting a gust of wind:)


I mean I know how to read them, it just didn’t click when I read them. I’m not angry with the sim at all. It’s just like that feeling of not being left satisfied.😂😂😂😂

Yes that annoying feeling. Happened many times. Not fun, even T&G’s don’t satisfy it

Amen. It was my first true long haul (greater then 4 hours). Had the time since I’m stuck in the hospital while they figure out why my pancreas is pissed off. Lol.

Nope, the worst feeling in the world is when you’re on approach after a 14 hour flight and Infinite Flight disconnects and refuses to connect again.


Well 🤬 I haven’t had that before, but you are absolutely right. Crash and no points given. Damn bro. Sorry.

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I have never flew into a typhoon before but those things will throw you like a toy

The one in japan rn?

That’s life happens to everyone on IF at some point if you like flying into typhoons like me :)

When your on final in a 16 hour long haul then your device crashes

What makes that even worse is you can’t eve watch the replay of that part of the flight!

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True story!

Very bad feeling. Something happens crash, disconnect, etc. after a long flight, uuugh.

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