The Worlds Second Longest Flight From The Mountains of New Zealand to a Sunset on the Persian Gulf

Auckland to Doha

So you may have seen my post a few days ago where I flew Perth to London, the third longest flight in the world, well, the day before I posted that, I one-upped myself and flew the second longest flight in the world. This route is Auckland to Doha clown by Qatar Airways. These are by far my two longest flights so I don’t know why I’m posting them so close together but I am. Unlike Perth to London I don’t think there is a special story behind this one, besides it being the Second longest flight in the world at 9,035 Miles or 14,538 Kilometers. It is 24 Miles and 39 kilometers farther than Perth to London. It is still 501 Miles and about 800 kilometers shorter than Singapore to Newark. Flying from Doha to Auckland flight time is a little over 16 and a half hours, but due to winds, from Auckland it takes an hour longer. I decided to fly Auckland to Doha just because timing worked better for me. I used my 5 year old IPhone 6s, so yes it’s possible.
I took off just after 5PM Eastern, which I think is some time in the late morning in Auckland which times my arrival with the sunset Doha. I used the Boeing 777-200LR, which is used in real life, and flight time was 17 hours and 36 minutes, almost half an hour longer than it took to fly Perth to London.

Flight Details

Qatari 921 Heavy
Auckland to Doha
Boeing 777-200LR

🇳🇿 • 🇶🇦

Climbing into the cloudy skies of New Zealand Crossing the coast of New Zealand Just minutes after leaving Auckland Miles from the eastern coast of Australia over the sands and waters of the Pacific Over the Australian City of Brisbane The red sands of the Australian Outback as we trek Northwest Leaving the great views and waters Australia behind The volcanoes and jungles of Indonesia
After many hours over the Indian Ocean we cruise above the deserts of Oman (Dont worry i avoided the UAE 😉) Turning toward the runway as the sun starts to set On the ground as the sun sets in Doha!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Which of these United States cities is served by Qatar Airways from Doha?

  • Seattle, Washington
  • San Francisco, California
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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That’s some great looking scenery in Indonesia!

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i did this on my phone and now i cant use if on it!
great pics as usuall!!

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Some lovely scenic captures! Awesome work Noah!


Nice pics! I’ve “clown” this route before, one of my faves.

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Once, back when I lived in New Jersey, I had a soccer tournament near Philadelphia, we were playing, and then I looked up and saw the first Qatar A350 into Philadelphia. T’was a beauty.

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Hey, that sure are some nice pictures. Can’t wait to see what other posts you have in store…

Stay safe:)

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Clown" Made me laugh so hard 😆

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@snoman Indonesia has cool volcanoes and it’s a fun area to fly around!

@ILOVE7879-2.0 that sucks, hopefully mine keeps working 😂

@Anshul28 there was so much varying scenery on this flight which made it great! Thanks!

@Pingu I was at a soccer tournament a few months ago and I saw it, it was amazing! Such a great aircraft

@Suhas @MrAirplaneGeek 😡 😂

@Rian16 thanks a lot Rían!


Gotta love a New Zealand screenshot thread from the one and only @NoahM :)

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I love the 777
Such beautiful

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Amazing pictures! New Zealand is a beautiful country to fly in!

By the way, Qatar has never flown to San Francisco before, as they had plans to but their flights never began ;)

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Love it! The Qatar Airways livery is so nice on the 777! Nice shots, thanks for flying with QR!

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Woah the scenery on this route is beautiful. Nice pictures mate!

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Love the shots!

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@Aero thanks a lot! New Zealand is awesome! :D

@Zach_inkling thankZ, the 777 is a cool plane for sure!

@GlobalFlyer1 well who said San Francisco was the answer 🤭

Thanks a lot @Highlander24 and @Altaria55!

@anon24319801 thanks a lot BC!
I’m a big fan of the QR livery, it’s so clean

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That ninth picture is stunning! I’m hoping they can rework the QR livery so the logo stays on the tail and doesn’t go down onto the fuesalge of the plane. Livery aside, great pics!

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Thanks! I’m a fan of the livery but the small issue definitely could be fixed

Much stamina needed to fly such a long route! Great pictures too, especially of Brisbane and Indonesia. Great route for views for sure. Thanks for sharing!

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Definitely agree

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