The world's only private 787

Presented by one of the greatest travel vloggers, Sam Chui. Owner is not mentioned in the video, but it’s no surprise that it’s at the Dubai Airshow. I always wonder what happens when the president/billionaire sleeps on the bed in an aeroplane and there’s bad weather ahead. Do they wake the billionaire or president and tell them to go to a seat and put on their safety belt, or do pilots try and avoid the turbulence completely. Enjoy.


Maybe add some substance to this bud ;) it’s bland just putting a video in. Add your opinion or some cool facts or something!

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Could you add more substance? Things like your opinion, information, etc. are good ways of doing this.

That’s a lovely plane xD

More a house than a plane from the inside ;)

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I hear “Deerjet” and think ‘Wait… @DeerCrusher is this yours??’

In all seriosity, I really don’t think the guy realises how lucky he is! This is one of an aviation fans’ dream.


Make a feature request for it if there isn’t one already. Would be pretty sweet to have a private 787 livery


The world’s only private 787?
What about A6-PFC, A6-PFE and XC-MEX to only name active ones?

I saw that video, did you know that it could fly as well! I reckon you got that from the Dubai Airshow.

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I would have to start a gofundme if I want the chance to fly on this 😂

@DeerCrusher: here’s a feature request: click me (it’s kinda old)

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Intro added for my ‘thesis’, I hope I passed this time;-) (just joking, thanks for the tip)


That’s what the video says. Thanks for the correction, if it is.

Those are government owned, used to transport powerful members of that country, so not technically private.

Pretty sure there are still seat belts in the bed.


Well, private still.
If you define private as being only owned by a single person, this one dosen’t fit the bill either.
Anyone with deep enough pockets can charter planes from Deer Jet, this includes Govt. officials too.

Wow, kind of makes me jealous.

But at the same time, why in the world do you need a 787?

The livery isn’t actually nice at all.

I saw this clip earlier. Amazing setup.
What got me that this plane is owned by on organization, not a perison, for the purpose of…chartering it out,

Anybody has a school trip coming up, or perhaps an idea for a company team building event?

Mmm I watched this video a few days ago, that plane is awesome! I’ve watched a few more of his reviews.

I need private A380 no space for pool on 787?

Do you expect me too not be able to swim in my own plane?


I cringed the entire time. They couldn’t have made it more scripted.