The world's most scenic approaches

Well, approaching some runways in the world are just very amazing and scenic. Here are some of those highly scenic approaches from all around the world.

Princess Juliana Airport, Saint Marteen, Saint Martin Dutch side
This is one of the most famous airports in the world. Planes landing here come very low above Maho Beach and make an amazing sight for tourists. People come from all across the world to see planes land here.

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Saba Island, Saint Marteen Dutch Side
This is the world’s shortest commercial runway. This runway is just over a thousand feet long that makes the approach very hard but also very scenic. The mountains around the airport make an incredible view in approach.

Dasht-e-naz Airport, Sari, Iran
Sari’s Dasht-E-Naz airport is a small regional airport in the southern part of Iran. Approaching this airport gives you a view that you can’t find anywhere else. The ground under you is completely green and there aren’t many houses to disturb the terrain. And when you look at the horizon, you see a piece ofland that is nearly completely flat. This approach is an incredibly scenic one.

Saint Barthélemy/Gustaf III Airport, Saint Barthélemy, Caribbean
This is an approach as iconic as Princess Juliana’s approach. The approach path passes very low below a road behind the runway. In fact, the planes come so low that they can’t pass the roof of high-height cars and trucks. This is an absolutely thrilling experience landing there.

Tenzing–Hillary Airport, Lukla, Nepal

This airport in nepal is also very amazing. While it has a short runway ending by a cliff, the approach has an amazing view of the Himalayas! It’s one of the most scenic approaches in the world!

Ngurah Rai International Airport, Kuta, Indonesia

This is an amazingly scenic approach that passes just over the ocean. The water stretches just to the start of the runway. This scenic approach is one of the best in the world.

Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport, Genova, Italy

This is the true airport in the ocean! The airport is surrounded by water on three sides and only has a small connection to land for people to go there. Even after you land, you would have a great view of the water. This is another must-try approach!


It’s always been on my bucket list to visit St. Maarten. Hoping Insel Air will hang in there until I can get down there to experience those JT8Ds up close!


Never heard of Dasht-e-naz Airport before. Sounds like a sweet approach.

It’s Sint Maarten. ;)


Doesn’t the right one is Sint Maarten (?)

Saint Martin refers to the French side cmiiw

Speaking of St. Maarten, I am going there on a cruise next week!

Unofficaly adding Cape Town in there ! hehe

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I’d love to visit St Marteen some day.

I’m hoping global will bring better terrain to TFFJ, and then it will be a lot more fun to go into!

What about Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar?


The approach to Runway 09 is pretty beautiful imho! Especially with a view facing towards Bali Strait


How about Wellington Airport (New Zealand)? It’s pretty beautiful and have a challenging approach imho

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I wonder why Lukla (Nepal) isnt on the list. It’s also beautiful and challenging too! With view facing towards Himalaya 😍

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I love Cape Town, you flying over the Drackensburg then when your half way through approach you make a turn and within 5-10 seconds your on the ground! And if your seated to the right you’ll see Table Mountain.


I will add all those for sure!

If Kai Tak airport was still active…


The runway 22 LGA approach is great, with a great view of the city from the left!

I Love the Tenerife South (GCTS) approach from the West. Round the volcano/Island and in along the coast!

Genova airport,Italy,very interesting approach!


Gibraltar must be nice. With a view of the rock.

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So as of now… Insel Air has gotten there MD 80’s and F70’s taken away from them by the government

So currently Insel Air has Dominican Wings, Fly All Ways, and Estelar Latinoamerica operating for them…(cur-sxm)

Insel Air still has those F50’s though… So they are using those little things to go from CUR-SXM

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Flying into Honolulu and Maui are very scenic as well :)

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How is Queenstown new Zealand not on this list search it up

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Honolulu international airport
Runway 08R
Left side is city view right side is ocean