The World's Busiest! - Snoman's Flyout Series 5.3 @KATL 181900ZAPR20

Can i take A32 to pdx please

Definitely! See you there!

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Can I take south cargo apron 08

Awesome, you’re signed up!

Hi! Changed my mind. Was originally going to LFPG. Can I take this gate with a 767, please?

Sure! See you there



Can I have that please.

Sure! Thanks for coming

Hello, I am A12|Delta|737-900|Newark-KEWR. I was wondering if I can switch it to the 737-800?

Sure, no problem!

Can I take gate E8 to Tokyo Haneda

Sure thing! Enjoy the A350!

Let’s fill up the world’s busiest airport!

I take Gate F7 To Instanbul

(Callsign:THY592 so it can be recognized it’s me)

Sure thing, see you there!

can i take F1?

Sure thanks for coming!

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Hey I was wondering if you had the Delta airlines a350 to Amsterdam?

I have an A330 but I can change it to the A350 if you’d like

That would be much appreciated. Thanks. I saw this on Jeb brooks YouTube so I wanted to fly it!!