The World Tour (Leg 2) : (Singapore & Kuala Lumpur) @ WSSS - 301100ZSEP16

Yeah pretty much! Look and my Verticle Speed in the pic! Lol

nah mate im out il see you all on the next leg. had fun.
Qantas 69

Well as always I would like to thank Everyone who participated in this leg, It was a lot of fun!

I’ll see you on the next one!

BestTheCaptain - “Over and Out”

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Hahaha i dont know if you notice but
our leg at WSSS to WPKK.
When i landed i over shooted and spin like Tornado,
thank God i didn’t crash.

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Thank you very much! :)
I hope to see you in the next leg!

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Maybe I’m gonna use Philippine Airlines Livery on Leg 3
(Depending on Captains decision)

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Guys whats a good airport to fly to from EHAM

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Whats the next Place?

EHAM - EDDL is pretty good

You decide bro, we believe in you.

Whats your Codename in IF?

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Ok i think I’ll use EDDL!
Thanks Guys!



Just now the picture he post. I was under him.

Oh hahaha thanks

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About the Livery.
What should we use?

It’s been created guys go have a look!

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how to use appr ?

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